Anti-Cast Strip

A Simple Measure
For A Cast Horse

Anti-Cast Strip for Horse Safety

The anti-cast strip will help a horse get back to their feet when cast. The anti-cast strips fix to the wall around the perimeter of the stable giving the horse a foothold for their hooves. This enables them to safely push their body away from the wall reducing the chance of injury- an effective solution especially if there is no assistance available. The strips are soft and thick with vertical grooves providing a foothold for the horse when cast.

Mayo Anti-Cast Strip

Simple & Effective

Anti-cast strips are simple and effective. They have been shown to be a successful anti-cast solution. As well as being efficient it is also cost effective in comparison to building banks with the ever-increasing price of straw and shavings… not to mention, less time mucking out! The height as to which the anti-cast strips are positioned depends on the horse but is usually around 1m. If you are fixing to an existing stable where your horse has been housed and they are prone to getting cast there will be marks left by the hooves where previous struggles have been in play. Use these as a guide as to where to place the anti-cast strips.

It’s estimated that around 25% of horses that are injured when cast either face losing their life or end their career. Frequently, severe damage results to the hip, pelvis and leg areas. The Anti-Cast Strip can help prevent this.

Anti-Cast Strip Details

Each Mayo Anti-Cast strip is 6ft long and 32mm thick made from a vertically ribbed Mayo formulation EVA.
The strip comes in two sizes of a 6″ or 8″ depth. If you would like alternative depths please call to discuss.

A 6ft x 6″ strip is £23.40.

A 6ft x 8″ strip is £30.00.

1.8KG per 6ft 8″ depth strip approximately.
If you require a bespoke depth, we can provide individual quotations. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

How to measure
To cover three sides of a 12 x 12 foot stable you would need 6 lengths of anti-cast strip.
The height of your anti-cast strips will depend on the size of your horse (this is usually between 90cm and 130cm from floor level.)
Sometimes this can be determined by any scrape marks on the stable walls.

How to install
Fit the anti-cast strips at desired height with approx 20cm gaps along the strip (we can supply fixings if required).
For brick or breeze block walls you will need to drill through the strip and insert wall plugs.
Cut the strips to desired length using a sharp Stanley knife.

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