Mayo Mattress Stable Mat
The Ultimate in comfort & Luxury

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10 year guarantee

Luxurious Comfort

Designed for animal welfare

Hygienic & Easy Clean

Lightweight & non-absorbent

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World renowned equine comfort

From Olympic dressage riders to your neighbouring horse owner – Equine enthusiasts the world over have fallen in love with the plush, deep, luxurious Mayo Mattress Stable Mat. Why? Because their horses have of course!

A Luxurious Bedding Experience

With up to 44mm in depth of complete cushioning, it’s perfectly calibrated to your horses’ requirements from a stable bed whether in recovery or otherwise

Welfare Centric

We at Mayo have been manufacturing animal beds since 1989 and have been at the forefront of animal bed innovation for all that time. We are passionate about animal welfare and comfort

High Grade Formulation

We manufacture our beds using the highest quality materials with absolutely no cheap fillers. These beds are world-class with the Mattress being the jewel in the portfolio’s proverbial crown

Pure Performance

Our beds will never harden or perish like rubber/composite mats do. Consistent comfort, warmth and shock-absorbency

Mayo Mattress Stable Mat
Hygienic & Odour Reducing

Its 100% non-absorbent closed cell structure will never harbour bacteria bringing market-leading hygiene and odour reduction properties to the stable

Lightweight & Easy Clean
Save Time, Save Money

Weighing in at <14KG per bed, a Mayo Mattress can be lifted and carried with ease. Often a two person job with rubber mats, hours become minutes cleaning out a Mayo stable

Reduce Loose Bedding Costs
These aren’t just stable mats, they are beds. Only a smattering of loose bedding is needed to absorb moisture. You can safely reduce the amount of loose bedding used in a Mayo stable. Perfect for animals with respiratory ailments
10 Year Guarantee

So confident in the exceptional quality of the Mayo Mattress Stable Mat, we offer a 10 year no-quibble guarantee. Life-expectancy is 15+ years

The Mayo Mattress Stable Mat in Action

The Mayo Mattress being thoroughly enjoyed throughout stables worldwide. To view more images please take a look at the gallery here.

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