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A completely different bedding experience for you & your horse

Mayo stable mats are very different from other options available as they are complete beds for your horse. Each mat will provide comfort, warmth and shock-absorbency for its market-leading lifespan.

The Mayo range has been developed over 30+ years and has been designed and tested around the comfort and welfare of animals. It will completely meet your horses’ requirements from a stable bed.

Entirely tapered to your pasture animals natural needs, they are the only range which you can safely cut the volume of loose bedding used.  An exceptional venture for both you and your horse.

The Ultimate in Comfort & Luxury

Incredibly Durable Comfort

A Simple Measure for a Cast Horse

What makes mayo stable mats different?

Mayo stable beds are made from a very durable closed-cell foam called EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate). You are likely to have come across this term relating to other stable mat ranges. The very critical difference with a Mayo bed is that we include ZERO filler materials in our mix (e.g. sand, chalk, chopped rubber, clay etc). Our mats are not EVA composite mats like most others, they are formed of very high-grade, pure EVA and will consequently perform and last far better and far longer.

Mayo mats are very light and therefore very easy to work with. Don’t be deceived by how light they are when it comes to durability however – Mayo beds will perform for decades under the correct conditions and come with a 10 year no quibble guarantee.

As our beds contain no rubber, they will not harden and perish over time like traditional stable mats do and because they contain no filler, the closed nature of the structure will never be compromised bringing supreme hygiene and odour reduction properties to your stable.

These stable mats are an investment and will pay for themselves over time due to the loose bedding savings and longevity properties in each one.

An ideal scratching solution for your horse or pony

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"I've had my Mayo mats down for 11 years, they are as good as the day I bought them.
Very much worth the investment"

Gill Badger

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