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Shop the range of Mayo stable mats here. A luxuriously premium range of beds that will improve the comfort and welfare of your horse. Safely reduce loose bedding costs and mucking out times. Absolutely zero rubber and no cheap fillers; here is the future of stable mats.

The ultimate in luxury and comfort with up to 44mm in depth of complete cushioning


Incredibly durable comfort and 30+ year proven performance


A simple measure for a cast horse, available in a 6″ and 8″ depth

From £24.60

An ideal solution for your horse or pony to get the relief they require (Totem shown, see brush page for other options)

Totem from: £738 (Yard) £948 (Field)

Multi-Unit Purchases have Siginificant Impact on Unit Price

What Our Customers Say


“I bought a set of 6 Mayo Mats 18 years ago. They are still as good as the day I got them and are used daily. I love them as they are lightweight compared to rubber mats and I can move them on my own. Even being lightweight they stay in place. We have many elderly horses here (30 yrs plus) and I never have to worry about them laying down as the mats are so thick and comfortable, even when their beds have gone thin in places overnight it isn’t a problem. I have always found the company very helpful and very knowledgeable. I recommend Mayo mats always.”