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How many mats do you need for your stable? If you are unsure as to how many mats you need enter your stable size in feet or metres below to calculate the quantity.  Our stable mat range all measure 6ft x 4ft / 1.22m x 1.83m.

Choosing stable mats in todays market is no mean feat! Mayo has an excellent reputation and we pride ourselves on quality products and service. Below are questions we often get asked about the Mayo Mattress range.

If there’s anything we haven’t covered please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing stable mats in todays market is no mean feat! Mayo has an excellent reputation and we pride ourselves on quality products and service. We are on hand to answer any questions about the range so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Mayo Mattress range.

The Mayo range is designed for indoor use only. Direct sunlight for long periods of time can cause the mats to curl. If you find your mats have been in sunlight and have started to curl, turn them over and let your horse flatted them out.

We have many customers that have fit our beds into their field shelters, so short answer yes!
Any mat you lay will take the profile of the ground underneath it – your field shelter base is likely to be and remain 100% sound as a base but the potential for it to not remain level and hard will impact your 10 year guarantee. We have never had any field shelter customer have any problem with our mats so far, so it is a worst case scenario but we would like you to have full information before you make your final decisions.

As long as there is nothing protruding from your horses’ shoes (example road-tacks) then they pose absolutely no issue for any Mayo Mat. Mayo beds are very hard to wear out but very easy to cut. Road studs would damage/pock the surface of our mats the same as any other.

The Mayo Original is made with almost twice the amount of material that is used to manufacture a Mayo Eco. The Mayo Mattress is the thickest mat in the range with a more complex manufacturing process to achieve the plusher cushioning property.

The basic fitting premise of a Mayo bed is snug. That said, you do need to allow space for the beds to be worn into position, much like a shoe. We instruct you to leave an inch around the perimeter of the stable when fitting to allow for that expansion. This is the correct space to allow in the vast majority of cases but with so many possible pairings of mat to horse to stable to climate, you may need to trim a little more before your own Mayo beds are settled into final position. Rest assured, Mayo beds will absolutely not continue to spread asunder as many other mats are prone to do.

On the sealing point, we have experimented with many over the years. The closed-cell structure of our beds means it is not easy to get a bond. That is a really positive attribute from the point of view of an intense urine smell – our beds absolutely will not absorb or harbour anything!! Extreme hygiene and a much less smelly stable. Moreover, we have also yet to see a sealant that can stand up to the potency of a horses’ urine and so would say it is rather a palaver to go at it at all – especially because Mayo beds are so light and easy to work with that sluicing out underneath from time to time is nothing like the ordeal it is with a rubber bed. We have customers who do it weekly just because they can! The basic fitting premise is snug and this has served our customers well over the decades.

Absolutely! The mats are very easy to fit. You just need a good sharp stanley knife and to follow the guide on the stable mat layout and fitting page. We are always available if you have any questions at all. Just drop us a line!

Yes absolutely (see the conditions here). The guarantee is no-quibble when conditions are met, and with decades (plural!!) worth of proven performance under our belt, you will notice that the 10 year period is actually relatively short in comparison to the life expectancy of a Mayo bed.

There is not a gram of rubber, nor any other filler material for that matter, in any Mayo bed. Rubber, in particular, is to be avoided in an animal’s bed because it naturally hardens over time before perishing. You need to have a very deep loose bed on top of a rubber mat to provide any sort of comfort. Made from completely unadulterated EVA, your horse will experience many years (decades) of consistent comfort, warmth and shock absorbency on a properly maintained Mayo bed.

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